EC HOMEBREW is a division of Entertainment Caterers, Inc. founded in 1991, incorporated in 1998 and formally entering the homebrewing marketplace in 2015.


In 2019, we made the difficult decision to overhaul our entire business model, leaving behind our brick and mortar storefront (online sales were eclipsing storefront sales) to reduce undue overhead and focus all of our energy on dropshipping through our wholesaler, Brewmaster from their East and West Coast Warehouses. Ecommerce, warehousing and logistics are the name of game today! All of this translates into better products, wider inventory and lower prices for our valued customers.

Here, you will find everything you need to brew wine and beer in the comfort of your own home. By dealing direct and making bulk purchase orders from one of the largest wholesalers in the USA, we can pass the savings on to you!

Through our blog and YouTube videos, you will learn the tricks of the trade. You will also find some of the best beer and wine making equipment, supplies & ingredients available–which will help you make great tasting beer and wine in the comfort of your own home!

When you do business with EC HOMEBREW, you will not only be working with a family-owned and operated company (Meet the Irish-Italian lushes below! haha), but also with passionate home brewers.

Our Owners (Sean McCabe, President and Don McCabe, Father pictured below) and Company Principals are based in Orlando, Florida and New York City (See bios below), and our wholesaler, Brewmaster has 2-warehouses located on both coasts in Pennsylvania and California to allow for some of the fastest shipping in the industry. Whether this is your first time exploring the wonderful world of home brewing or you have decades of experience, you have come to the right place. From starter kits to specialized equipment, supplies and fresh ingredients, we have it all!

First and foremost, we are a Family-Owned and Operated Business. We also employ a staff of dedicated brewing enthusiasts who not only know and understand this niche, but are also passionate home brewers themselves. We utilize the latest technologies to streamline every aspect of our operations. We only ship in the contiguous United States via major carriers like USPS and FedEx, and preferred freight carriers. This yields fast and reliable shipments.



Single Malt Connoisseur

Sean is the Founder and President of EC HOMEBREW (Entertainment Caterers, Inc.), and the companies driving force. With nearly 3 decades working in the special events and catering industries, Sean has harnessed his raw passion for all things wine and beer-related (yet managed to curtail his consumption!) Moreover, Sean is an experienced IT Developer and Designer, so you can rest assured all key systems are well in place.


Beer Guzzling Redneck Cousin of Sean

Patrick is our Logistics and Distribution Manager. He is responsible for getting your items out for delivery. He handles our shipping and receiving, inventory and logistics to maintain and further develop a productive warehouse environment. He has also been known to enjoy a pint or three every now and then, but never before operating a forklift in the warehouse.


Teetotaling Annoying Sister of Sean

Shannon’s main role is to get under the skin of her big brother, Sean! No, but seriously… Shannon is our Human Resources Liaison. She works diligently to maintain a positive working relationship between our customers, vendors, staff and FAMILY! It is no small task to work side-by-side with your own family every day, and always keep the harmony going. This is where a nice glass of Bordello always seems to do the trick.


Resident Wino Cousin of Sean

Patricia, or “Patty” as she is known to her friends is not your typical wino. She doesn’t drink the cheap stuff, nor is she homeless. As a matter of fact, she considers herself to be a quasi-expert on wine and beer equipment, supplies & ingredients. As our Senior Products Rep, she builds and maintains our expansive catalog of products, which is no small feat considering it amounts to thousands of items.


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